Vertical Alignment of Content in Grid Container

These options require GenerateBlocks 1.7.

With GB 1.7, it is straightforward to make the last element of a Grid Container remain fixed at the bottom of a Grid Container without using CSS.

Step 1: Make Grid Containers equal-height

Step 2: Settings for Grid Containers

Bulk select the Grid Containers and set:

  • Display: flex;
  • Direction: column;
  • Justify Content: space-between;

Step 3: Settings for the last element

The last element is referring to the last direct child of the Grid Container.

In this case, it’s a Button block. Select this Button block and set:

  • Margin-top: auto;

Note: to avoid the Button going full width, do the below setting as well.

  • Margin-right: auto;
  • Marin-left: auto;