Pattern Library

GenerateBlocks has its own Pattern Library, which is separate from the Pattern Library found in core WordPress.

Opening the Pattern Library

To open the Pattern Library, open the GenerateBlocks editor sidebar (red arrow below). Then, click the “Open Pattern Library” button (purple arrow below).

Explore the Pattern Library

Once the Pattern Library modal is empty, you’ll see something like the following.

I’ve added some red boxes with numbers to highlight a few areas.

  1. These are your libraries. By default, there is a “Free” library for free GenerateBlocks users. If you have GenerateBlocks Pro activated, you will see a “Pro” library with pro patterns that use our Global Styles feature. The “Local” library you see in the screenshot above is a local collection of patterns I’ve added on my local site. When adding local patterns, you will see a “Collection” taxonomy. If you create and add patterns to a collection, they will show as a library.
  2. These are categories. You can categorize your local patterns using the Category taxonomy.
  3. This icon is the cache if the library you’re viewing is being loaded remotely. You can click this icon to clear the cache and fetch the latest patterns from the remote library. It can be clicked every 5 minutes.
  4. This button will open a modal that allows you to enable or disable libraries from showing the Library.
  5. This button will open a larger preview of the pattern.
  6. The Insert button will insert the individual pattern onto the page. It will insert the pattern wherever your cursor currently is.
  7. The bulk insert button enables you to select multiple patterns at once to insert into your page.
  8. The + button allows you to add remote libraries. This feature will only be useful once we release our GenerateCloud plugin, which will allow you to host your own remote libraries.

Manage Libraries

When you click the #4 button as shown above, you will see the following modal.

You will see all registered libraries in the modal. You can easily enable or disable them from showing up in the library with the toggles.