Pattern Library Overview

This is a feature in our pro version only.

Demos of the patterns in our library can be found on our Pattern Library site.

Our Pattern Library block allows you to insert pre-made blocks directly into your content.

To use it, go to add a new block like you would any other block in the location where you want to add the template. In the “GenerateBlocks” category, choose the “Pattern Library” block.

Adding this block will automatically open the Pattern Library modal. To choose from our templates, simply click one of them and it will automatically replace the Pattern Library block you added with the imported block.

At this time, we do not import images during the insert process, so be sure to replace any images or background images with your own, or re-upload them to your Media Library.

Local Patterns

You can also build your very own patterns which are accessible via the Local Patterns tab in the Pattern Library modal.

Local Patterns can be added in GenerateBlocks > Local Patterns.

To include a featured image in the Pattern Library modal, you can add a featured image to the local patterns while creating/editing it.

Local Patterns do not update automatically. For example, if you insert a Local Patterns to your page, then change the original or source Local Patterns, changes will not be reflected to the previously inserted pattern.