Block Navigation

As of right now, the block editor in WordPress isn’t the easiest thing to navigate. Clicking around the editor can yield mixed results, especially if the block you’re trying to select doesn’t have any padding to click into.

This is where the Block navigation feature comes in handy. It allows you to look through all of your blocks on any given page.

If you don’t have any blocks selected in the editor, the Block navigation will display only the top-level items.

For example, here’s the home page for GenerateBlocks – you’ll see it consists up a series of Container Blocks.

When we click into one of these Containers, it will close the navigation and highlight that block for us in the editor.

Now if we open up the Block navigation again, it will reveal all of the blocks inside the top-level block.

Now it’s no longer necessary to click around the editor hoping we highlight the right block. Simply click the block you wish to edit and you’re good to go.